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Our Services

We want to provide easy and competitive digital signage for your business so you also are able to enjoy the benefits of technology. By applying these digital signage solutions you will be increasing your sales, support your brand and be able to achieve your business objectives in a subtle manner.

Niche Advertising

Now you can target key locations as per demographics and boost your product’s sale as per areas of interest

Professional Services

Let us save your time by helping you with digital signage solutions while you easily focus on your business.

Content Creation

If you want to engage your audience then our experts can very easily create engaging videos and graphic content for you.

Hardware and Software

We have signed up with the best digital signage hardware and software providers to bring to you an all in one solution.

Special Feature

Now you can manage your content from any browser on a huge distributed network and run it on any screen anywhere. Our digital solutions ensure that you get the right portability and ease of use when it comes to digital signage solutions.

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Why Work With Us

We want to bring digital signage to you so that you may reap the max benefits out of it and enjoy the ventures of latest technology and all it has to offer. By shifting to digital signage you will also be contributing to a greener planet that will be healthier to live in and have a fresh environment as digital signatures won’t be requiring any hard copy pages.

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One stop Shop

Now all your problems and queries will be addressed in one place. Now only hardware, software services are provided but the facilities of consulting and support services are also there.

Content Creation

For your digital signage campaigns you can now get custom videos and graphics made by our professional team of experts.

Advertising Network

Now you can reach all audiences of your will by advertising as per demographics of your choice.

Tracking Reports

You can track your advertisement campaign as well now. We also offer facial recognition in the form of advance reporting.

Event Rentals

By using our screen you can promote yourself at trade shows and other events.

Technical Support

We offer a continuous support to our esteemed clients. Feel free to contact us and our experts will get back to you.


We offer on site installation of screens and media players.

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Our recent projects


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Best for a personal website

49 monthly

  • Basic Static website
  • 3 maximum pages
  • 24/7 Support
  • 3 months support


Best for a Business users

1499 yearly

  • Dynamic website
  • Premium SEO
  • Unlimited pages
  • 24/7 Support
  • Lifetime support


Best for a small business

149 quarterly

  • Dynamic website
  • 20 maximum pages
  • 24/7 Support
  • 1 year support